Women's Skirts and Pants

Skirt worn by Tanzanian hip hop artist Cindy Rulz


Skirts of varying lengths, from knee-length to mid-thigh. No two skirts are the same. Various fabrics are matched according to their style and color, and then joined with cotton, linen, or other fabrics to make a unique skirt that can be worn to work or to play.


These colorful straight-legged pants can be worn casual, or dressed up with pumps. Either way, the bold designs command a presence and will add character to any outfit.

Straight legged pants made from colorful cotton prints from Ghana.

These pants feature two different prints on the back and the front!



Each of our shorts feature a blend of different African prints, including West African wax prints and East African tie-dye, as well as prints from popular West African fabric designers like Da Viva and Woodin. The shorts are made on cotton, woven, denim, or linen materials.

Shorts made from a bold, colorful Da Viva print.


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